OnTrack install & login

On track app is available for download at google play store.

After installing and initializing the app, the following window will be displayed. The user must input the following credentials:

Client ID – Every client is assigned a unique ID (Not to mix with Object ID!), this ID can be checked in the “Drivers” panel (When creating a Username and Password for a driver) or requested from tech support. Object ID is necessary to allow identical usernames for many clients at the same time.

Username – Usernames are managed in the drivers’ panel.

Password – Passwords are managed together with username in the same drivers’ panel. (Clicking the small eye icon will show/hide the inputted password)

Language – Allows the user to select the display language. Clicking this button will open a language selector with available languages. Select a desired language and click “Ok”.

After inputting all credentials, click the sign in button to log in.

If some of the credentials are inputted incorrectly, the app will inform the user as shown below.

If there are connection problems, a small pop up window will appear with information. (For example: “Error connecting to server”, “Server Maintenance”, etc.)

After a successful login the user stays logged in indefinitely until a manual logout is performed. In rare cases the system automatically performs a logout (For example: App update, Server maintenance, etc.) Note that credentials are saved for future logins (Client ID and Username), the password must be reentered for each login.

The privacy policy regarding the OnTrack App usage is provided on the next page.