Driver time table report API


Driver time table report API is returning the driver working times from DDD (Tachograph) file for a 1 month periods with Night, Day  and total working time.


  • 1000 req/min
  • Maximum period is 3 months in to the past
  • Works only for TACHOGRAPH Data

Request parameters

GET /drivertimetable/{type}-{identifier}?api_key=<..>&time_range_year=<..>&timezone=<..>&time_range_month=<..>&business_hours_start=<..>&business_hours_end=<..>&status_available_as_working_time=<..>&version=<..>
Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8
 ParameterTypeDescriptionIs requiredRemarks
1identifierstringDriver card number+
2typestringtype of identification+Now only "TACHOGRAPH" is supported
3timezonestringtime zone+example for format: "timezone=GMT", "timezone=Vilnius" etc.
4time_range_monthintegertime range set by months+example for format: "time_range_month=8"
5time_range_yearintegertime range year by year+Example for format: "time_range_year=2022"
6business_hours_startstringbusiness hours start at time+Example for format: "business_hours_start=07:00"
7business_hours_endstringbusiness hours end at time+Example for format: "business_hours_end=18:00"
8status_available_as_working_timebooleanstatus available as working time TRUE/FALSE+Include status available as working time for the working hours calculation
9versionstringversion of API+At this moment we have only version=1
10api_keystringUser identification key+

Response parameters

  "days": [
      "date": "2023-05-15T13:56:15.275Z",
      "holiday": true,
      "work_duration_at_day": 0,
      "work_duration_at_night": 0
  "driver_name": "string",
  "identifier": "string",
  "time_card_number": "string",
  "total_day_working_hours": 0,
  "total_night_working_hours": 0,
  "total_working_hours": 0
identifierstringDriver card number
driver_namestringDriver name and surname
time_card_numberstringTime card number
total_day_working_hoursnumberSummary of working time during day hours. Units: seconds.
total_night_working_hoursnumberSummary of working time during night hours. Units: seconds.
total_working_hoursnumberSummary of working time. Units: seconds.
daysarrayArray of days
datedatetimeDay date, format "2022-07-03T00:00:00.000"
holidayboolean"True" if day is holiday, "false" if not.
work_duration_at_daynumberWorking time for the day during day hours. Units: seconds.
work_duration_at_nightnumberWorking time for the day during night hours. Units: seconds.