F.M.S guide

Welcome to the F.M.S. – Fleet Management System online guide!

This guide was specifically made to help both experienced and new users to quickly find information about various FMS system modules and features. The guide also contains information about Apps that work together with FMS to increase the overall functionality.

The following tools are presented to quickly find all the necessary information:

  • The search bar – allows you to quickly search through all the information in the guide. Opening a page in the search results will highlight the searched keyword on that page. The keyword will un-highlight after leaving the opened page.
  • Navigation tree – allows browsing through various sections of the guide. The tree structure is provided in line with everything the user sees in FMS step by step, starting from the map and ending with detailed descriptions of each module.
  • Navigation buttons – at the bottom of each page, navigation buttons are located to quickly continue to the next section of the guide or return to the previous section.
  • Images –  example images are provided vastly throughout the manual. Each description is accommodated with an example image. Clicking on any image will expand it to full size, thus allowing to see examples in full view.
  • Language selector –  at the top left side of the screen, the user can select a display language for the content of the manual. Other languages will become available once the content translation is finished.


The FMS system is designed to automatically synchronize time zones with the computer from which the login was made. The FMS system analyzes the computers regional settings and sets the time zone accordingly. Time zone synchronization occurs every login. This is important to users that travel and use laptop computers (some laptops automatically update the time zone accordingly to the current location) or foreign computers with local time zone configuration. In this situation, the user will see that time records will differ from the time records seen in the home country. To constantly see the same time records within the system, it is recommended to manually manage your computers’ regional settings with auto-updates turned off.

Automated time synchronization occurs only if the timezone was not modified in the account settings. Once the user sets a specific timezone, auto-synchronization will stop.

The FMS supports the following web browsers updated to the latest versions:

  • Chrome (RECOMMENDED)
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Using other web browsers, we cannot guarantee that the fleet management system will work properly, or work at all.

The mobile version of the FMS is ONLY supported using the FMS app.

Recommended screen resolution 1280×1024 or higher.