Fuel events API


Fuel events API is returning refuls and drains information from fuel module.


  • 1000 req/min
  • Maximum period is 3 months (92days)

Request parameters

GET fuel-events?object_id=<..>&from_datetime=<..>&to_datetime=<..>&version=1&api_key=<..>&limit=<..>&continuation_token=<..> HTTP/1.1
Host: api.fm-track.com
Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8
 ParameterTypeDescriptionIs requiredRemarks
1object_idstringExternal object id+
2from_datetimedate timeFind events starting from specified date+example for format: "2017-04-13T06:58:48.090Z" according ISO-8601
3to_datetimedate timeFind events ending to specified date.+example for format: "2017-04-13T06:58:48.090Z" according ISO-8601
4continuation_tokenintegerContinuation token-
5limitintegerLimits events count in response.-Default -100. Maximum value - 1000
6versionstringversion of API+At this moment we have only version=1
7api_keystringUser identification key+

Response parameters

  "items": [
      "object_id": "a4325fd6-b105-11ed-9a5e-53fa8cfbfd79",
      "event_type": "REFUEL",
      "start_date": "2023-02-15T14:19:22.000Z",
      "end_date": "2023-02-15T15:30:57.000Z",
      "fuel_level_start": 1164.80,
      "fuel_level_end": 1206.40,
      "difference": 41.60,
      "latitude": 53.77,
      "longitude": -0.64,
      "driver_id": "a4325fd6-e352-44b9-9b77-355072ac7db9"
  "continuation_token": 1
continuation_tokenintegerContinuation token is sent when number of events in response exceed limit
itemsarrayArray of events
object_idstringExternal object ID
event_typestringFuel event type: "REFUEL" or "DRAIN"
start_datedate timeBegin of fuel event
end_datedate timeEnd of fuel event
fuel_level_startNumberFuel level at fuel event start
fuel_level_endNumberFuel level at fuel event end
differenceNumberFuel level difference from end to start (absolute value)
latitudeNumberLatitude of event start
longitudeNumberLongitude of event start
driver_idstringExternal driver ID of driver at event beginning