Driver API

The main purpose of the Driver API is to output information about the driver. This API has two types of requests – one for a specific driver and one for all drivers.

Request example for a specific driver:

GET /drivers/{driverId}?version=1&api_key=<…>

The following parameter is optional. If it is included, the request will return data for a single driver. If it is omitted, data will be returned for all drivers.

driverIdStringDriver identifier

For this API to work, the following parameters are mandatory:

versionStringVersion of the API, currently only version=1 is available
api_keyStringUser identification key

A response example is shown below:

  "id": "string",
  "first_name": "string",
  "last_name": "string"

Response fields that can be received with every type of parameter are described in the next table:

idStringDriver identifierText
first_nameStringThe driver’s first nameText
last_nameStringThe driver’s last nameText

API endpoints, request parameters and responses can be previewed in “Swagger” through this link: