Webusers admin panel

The web users administrative panel is available only for users with administrative rights. Through this panel, the user can see all the webusers associated with the currently used account. The main webusers list only displays the following main information:

  • Webuser name;
  • Webuser role – user or administrator, administrators have crowns in their user icons;
  • Amount of visible objects for that user.

Users that are blocked will have a red circle next to their icons and a “Blocked” status will be displayed, as shown in the image below.

Clicking on a user in the list, will expand the panel to show additional information such as:

  • Web user name;
  • User type – Administrator or User;
  • Date & time when the user was created;
  • E-mail associated with the user, if previously inputted;
  • Phone number, if previously inputted;
  • Vehicle groups assigned to the user.

If no vehicle group is assigned to the user, all vehicles will be visible for that user.

A user with administrative rights can assign or unassign vehicle groups to existing user, to do this, the user must click the “+” symbol in the vehicle groups row.

This will open a new window with a list of all vehicle groups created for this account. To quickly search through groups, a search bar is implemented, which will filter the list with every inputted letter.

If a group was already assigned to the user, it will be highlighted with a blue tick. To assign more vehicle groups, the user must simply put ticks near groups which he wants to assign to the user. To unassign a group, the user must simply remove the tick.  After any changes, the “Done” button must be clicked to save the changes.

If the user doesn’t want to save the change, he must either click the “Cancel” button, or simply click anywhere outside the assignation window.

Vehicle group creation is described in the “Overview menu”.

Web users are currently managed by the service provider. To create and/or modify new/old web users, please contact tech support of your provider.