Billing plans

Billing plans apply individually to each object in the fleet. This means that one user can have some objects with a higher plan, while some objects can have a lower plan. This is convenient in cases when some vehicle requires additional control and attention, while for others, basic monitoring is enough.  Objects (vehicles) are limited (or unlimited) in functionality based on their selected billing plans. Having a higher billing plan for one object will not unlock all the premium functionalities for objects with a lower plan.

Example: Object A has a premium plan, while Object B has a Basic Plus plan. The user will be able to overview Eco-driving data for Object A, but it will not be available for Object B since the Eco-driving module is not included in the Basic Plus plan.

Currently, there are six billing plans:

  • Basic
  • Basic Plus
  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Basic USA
  • Standard USA

All functionalities of a lower plan are available for the higher plan. The Premium plan will also include all functionalities of the Standard, Basic Plus, and Basic plans.

A chart of functionalities for each plan is presented below:

In cases when the user has vehicles only with the lowest available plan, some of the modules and functionalities described in this manual will not be visible at all (Navigation icons will not be displayed in the navigation sidebar). If at least one vehicle is set up with the highest available plan, all modules and functionalities will be visible, but they will still be limited only to the objects with according plans.

In cases when a user lowers a plan for an object, for example Standard to Basic Plus. Data that was available for the vehicle while it was with a higher plan will be deleted and unrecoverable. In this case this would include Eco-driving data, Travel summary, Geozones and Fuel reports as well as Tacho downloaded data and Maintenance task.

Clients will be informed about overdue payments for services with a pop-up window, right after logging into the system. This window will also inform the user of the set time terms during which they have to pay for the services. If the payment is not processed within the set time period, the user will be blocked from entering the fleet management system. To change an object’s plan, unblock an unpaid account or any other billing and administrative needs, please contact your service provider directly.