Mobile limitations

Fleet management system supports a mobile view of the system with a set of limitations. Some modules and functions which require higher screen resolutions are disabled in the mobile version.

Disabled functions and modules include the following:

  • Maintenance tasks module – except maintenance tasks assigned to vehicles will be displayed in the overview module – maintenance section;
  • Reports module;
  • Eco driving module;
  • Tachograph files download from HCV vehicles;
  • “Analyze by coordinates” feature in the history overview;
  • Graph section in the fuel overview;
  • Editing maintenance tasks in the maintenance overview;
  • Creating or editing drivers in the drivers menu;
  • Mass messaging in the communications menu;
  • Creating or editing tasks in the tasks menu;
  • Creating or editing geozones in the geozones menu.
  • Creating or editing events – enabling/disabling events is allowed.

Other important information regarding the mobile app usage is described in the “Mobile app usage” section.