Special conditions

Some of the functionalities or objects may have special conditions or limitations of usage in the fleet management system. These special conditions are described on this page. Please note that only general conditions, affecting a big part of the FMS are described, minor issues will be displayed in the appropriate sections.


As of recently, trailers were added to the fleet management system. They are displayed within the system as objects. But not all functionalities are available for trailers. A list of limitations is provided:

  • Drivers cannot be assigned to a trailer;
  • Tasks cannot be assigned to a trailer and trailers will not be displayed in the “nearest vehicle” selector;
  • Trailers cannot be selected in the tachograph module;
  • Communication with a trailer is impossible;
  • Trailers cannot be selected in the Eco driving section;

Other special conditions:

  • Trailers are auto assigned to a vehicle once the tracking device in the vehicle starts sending the trailer ID. The system constantly checks whether a trailer ID is present in the records.
  • Only one trailer can be assigned to one vehicle at a time. If a new assignation is recognized, the previous assignation will be removed;
  • A trailer is unassigned from a vehicle, once a data packed is received with a new coordinate and without the trailer ID present.


Special conditions apply when a trailer and a vehicle from different groups get attached.  If the user selects display only of one group, where only one of the objects is visible, but afterwards it is attached to the other, both groups will automatically be selected for display. The same logic applies when selecting a group with a object that has an another object attached to it from a different group. In this case both groups will be selected automatically.