Alerts from objects

The Alerts icon is located at the top right side of the screen. This icon displays the number off all unread alerts for all objects of the currently logged in user. Number in the bottom right corner of the icon shows how many unread alerts currently exist.

Clicking the icon will open the alerts panel. This panel shows which object has triggered an event, which event was triggered and when was it triggered. It is possible to sort alerts into three groups:

  • All – Displays all alerts;
  • Read – Displays only read alerts;
  • Unread – Displays only unread alerts.

A “Mark all as read” button is present to the right of the filters.

Alert color codes

Different color codes are used to separate alarms into 2 groups.

Color codeAlert condition
Unread alerts
Read alerts

Clicking on an event will mark it a “Read”and the following will happen:

  • The events panel will open for the object which triggered the event;
  • The map will zoom in to the spot where the event was triggered.

The event panel is fully described in the “Events menu”  section.