Communications menu

The communications panel allows the user to communicate with drivers with the universal app installed. To access the communications panel, the user must click the according icon on the navigation panel.

Clicking the icon will open the communication panel. The user can only communicate with drivers with an existing account and only from his fleet (The user cannot communicate with drivers of other users). In this panel the user can do two things:

  • Send a message to all or several drivers at once;
  • Communicate with individual drivers.

To send a message to multiple drivers, the user must click the “+ New message” field located at the top of the panel.

Clicking the field will open the new message window. Here the user can select to which drivers to send this message by clicking the search field. Clicking the search field allows to search for drivers by name or simply select them from a drop down list. If the user decides to send this message to all drivers, he must simply click the “+ Add all” button located to the right of the search field.  Below the driver selection is the message field, where the user can enter the desired message. Maximum character count for one message is 500. An image can be added to the message, but only 1 image per message and the size of the image is limited to 10Mb. After finishing the message, the user must click send to send out the message. If the user decided to cancel the message, he must click cancel or click anywhere outside the “New message” window.

After sending out a message, the user will be redirected to the previous panel.  Below the “+ New message” field, the driver list is located. To help the user quickly find drivers, a search bar is present. The search bar refreshes the driver list with every character inputted.  To cancel the search filter simply click the small “X” located to the right of the search input field. Clicking a driver in the list will open a conversation panel with that driver.

The conversation panel is rather self-explanatory and is very identical to many popular messaging applications. The text input field is located at the bottom, to the left of it is an “Attach file” icon where the user can send an image to the driver.

Only images with “jpg” and “png” file format can be sent,  if the user attempts to send other types of files, a pop up window will appear as displayed below.

The messages from the driver are displayed from the left side, while the messages from the user are displayed from the right side. The initial bubbles are taken from the initials of the driver name and the user login name.